Discover How Becoming an Audiobook Narrator Can Make You Financially and Personally Free

Stop Falling for Work from Home Scams- And Learn How Your Own Personal Studio Can Make You a great living

From: Bailey Varness

Audiobook Narrator, Teacher, Entrepreneur

Dear Friend,

Your voice is a gold mine and you probably don’t even know it! You can be one of thousands of people who make a ton of money just by talking.

I always wanted to work from home, set my own hours, and not have to worry about money, and now I do! I learned how lucrative voice-over work could be, but it was hard to find jobs. Now, hundreds of jobs easily come to me!

I now have over 60 Audiobooks on Audible and counting, and the money keeps rolling in, even when I’m not recording a new book.

When a friend of mine was asking me how she could do what I was doing, because she had a new baby and wanted to work from home, I realized that I can teach my methods to anyone so that they can find the same kind of money and freedom that I enjoy. That’s why I created Voice Work Academy and the course How to Master Audible Work from Home.

I was sick of driving that horrible commute to work everyday to never have enough money, or time to do what I really wanted. I learned how to set up a studio at home to try audiobook narration part time job to earn a little money, and it quickly became my full time career.

I want to keep you from all the costly mistakes I made at the beginning of my voice-over career. From agent scams, to people selling unnecessary expensive products, I’ve been victim to them all. I want you to start your voice-over career on the right foot keeping all your hard-earned money, and making a ton more!

Serena L. New Narrator*

Inspiring - I cannot wait to get my own business started!!! I am so happy I took this course. I have had an ACX profile for a couple of years, but have never gathered enough courage to make the leap and jumpstart my narration career. I have always been terrified of all of the technical specs, and the whole process just seemed daunting to me. After taking this course, I can say honestly that I am energized and ready to take on this new avenue in my career! Bailey is so great at breaking down all of the details of the narrating/voice over process through ACX without making it seem overwhelming. I feel like I now know all details and step-by-step phases to go through in order to be successful at starting my own business as a voiceover narrator. This course even provides suggestions for what hardware to get started with, and even the most cost-effective software to use. Overall it was a fun and helpful course to learn from. Thank you!!!.

Insider Secrets to Starting a
Home Business Audiobook Narrator Career

Studies show that 2 Billion Jobs are going to be lost in the next 20 years. But you’re going to be able to protect yourself from this statistic, once you know-

    • How to read in a way that every author is going to want to pay you for your voice
    • What equipment to buy to save you Thousands of dollars
    • How tax write-offs save you money on stuff you already buy
    • How to get all the recording software you need for FREE
    • Why profiles stand out and how you can get more job offers than anyone
    • How not to get screwed by picking the wrong book

    Stop Working for Someone Else
    and Find the Freedom You’ve Always Wanted

Who doesn’t want the opportunity to choose when and where they work? Reading audiobooks can let you do just that! You’ll have the freedom to sip a cocktail whenever you please once you learn-

    • How you can set your own work hours so that you work only when you feel like it
    • How to get authors to agree to your personal, favorite work schedule so you’re in control of your work hours
    • Where to best promote your work to make even more money
    • How payments work so that you know how to make the most money you possible can with each job

With this information, you’ll save thousands of dollars getting started, and have everything you need to start your new small business. You also get to brag to everyone about how you make a living just by reading books! Enjoy your new position of power with the knowledge and freedom that my course How to Master Audible Work from Home provides.

Watch a Sample Video

Today hundreds of people use my techniques and enjoy the life they want for themselves- some casual part-time workers, some full-time. Whatever life you want is up to you!

James Newton New Narrator*

​Thank you for this course. I used what I learned and booked the first audition I went out for. I now have 15 books on Audible already and can’t wait to keep going. Well worth it.

My AUDIObook narration Course
is Yours Risk-Free!!

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Finally, because I want you to have no more excuses to not pursue your dreams, if you buy today, I’ll also throw in three exciting Bonuses:

Super Bonus #1- My eBook “How to Master Audible Work from Home”

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Enjoy extra stories and secrets you don’t get in the course itself to set and keep you on the path to freedom!

Super Bonus #2- “3 Costly Mistakes People Make Trying for a Voice-Over Career”

This booklet keeps you from loosing thousands of dollars in an industry where people get ripped-off every day. I want you to learn from my mistakes so that you are never scammed and keep all that hard-earned money for yourself!

Super Bonus #3- 3 Reasons to Start a Voice-Over Home Business Today

This booklet takes away all the fears that you might have in starting a new career in audiobooks. From startup costs, to confusing legal issues, starting a new business is scary. That’s just a fact. This booklet shows why those problems are easily overcome with my very detailed course.

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P.P.S. If you don’t order How to Master Audible Work from Home today, how will you learn how to make money with your voice without getting scammed? Start your journey to money and freedom today, risk-free, and enjoy your new dream career!


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