Serena L.

Inspiring – I cannot wait to get my own business started!!!

I am so happy I took this course. I have had an ACX profile for a couple of years, but have never gathered enough courage to make the leap and jumpstart my narration career. I have always been terrified of all of the technical specs, and the whole process just seemed daunting to me. After taking this course, I can say honestly that I am energized and ready to take on this new avenue in my career! Bailey is so great at breaking down all of the details of the narrating/voice over process through ACX without making it seem overwhelming. I feel like I now know all details and step-by-step phases to go through in order to be successful at starting my own business as a voiceover narrator. This course even provides suggestions for what hardware to get started with, and even the most cost-effective software to use. Overall it was a fun and helpful course to learn from.

Thank you!!!

Serena L.New Narrator*
James Newton


Thank you for this course. I used what I learned and booked the first audition I went out for. I now have 15 books on Audible already and can’t wait to keep going. Well worth it.

James NewtonNew Narrator*


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