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Our featured course is called “How to Master Audible Work from Home”. It’s a video course that teaches you how to make a good living narrating audiobooks from home with minimal setup costs. The course instructor, Bailey Varness, has recorded over 60 audiobook narration projects.

Voice Over Coaching

I can help you succeed in the voice over industry. Having been in the voice-over industry for decades, I have seen so many people with amazing talent not move to the next level in their careers for very small reasons. I want to help you get over these personal hurdles so that you can thrive doing what you do best!

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If you have questions about how we can help you with voice over work, classes, training or anything else related to the voice over industry you can get in touch with us to get answers to your most pressing questions to help you succeed in voice work. Contact us today for assistance.

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Voice Work Academy is here to help you enter or expand your skills in the voice work industry. We know that if you take the time to learn more about us that you’ll want to work with us.

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This could be your voice with a little training 🙂

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