How To Become a Commercial
Voice Over Star
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You can make an incredible living by just talking!
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Want to make a great upper middle-class salary without ever having to go into a lame office or even really get dressed in the morning? 
 Of course you do! You’re a natural performer who loves to talk. And this course How to Become a Commercial Voice Over Star shows you how to turn your talents and gifts into a fabulous job.
You dream of having a fun career that is pandemic and recession proof, lets you work from home on your own hours, and impresses everyone in your home town when they hear about it. But:

  • You don’t know where to begin

  • You’ve been told there’s no money in performing

  • People say that acting’s just for the lucky and beautiful
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Let me tell you, I was skeptical myself after struggling as a performer for many years. But I figured out a way to find great VO jobs and thrive as an actor daily - whether I decide to brush my hair or not!
Imagine yourself working part time and getting paid great money to talk about stuff you'd probably be buying anyway! That’s the awesome fun of being a commercial voice actor.

OK back to reality for a minute. You know that having a good job is important. Maybe the most important thing in the world besides your family. But is a dream job possible when you have tons of responsibilities in life?

It is if you want to be an actor who tells stories for a living! And let me tell you my story…

Hi, I’m Bailey!

I’m a full-time voice actor with thousands of credits to my name. I get paid GREAT money to just talk for a living! But, that wasn’t always the case.

For a long time, I was stuck sitting in an office cubicle, dreaming about performing and actually using that acting degree my poor parents paid for. One day when my idiot boss didn’t understand how he was screwing everything up AGAIN and wasting my time, I took matters into my own hands. 

I did some research about voice-over, took some classes, got a microphone, and never looked back. Years later, what started as a side hustle is now a thriving full-time business.  And you can follow my path and become a commercial voice actor yourself!

This course is packed full of everything you need to become one of the most requested and handsomely paid commercial voice actors by showing you:

  • Everything you need to get started in the cheapest, but most professional way possible

  • Where to find jobs, whether you're just beginning or becoming a seasoned professional

  • How to scale up your business so you’re making an incredible living

Bailey has an INCREDIBLE series...that broke down every step of how to get started

It's one of the best step-by-step guides ever made on any topic

Thank YOU Bailey for the incredibly helpful content!! Couldn't have gotten started so quickly without you!!

- Kasey

Bailey is so wonderfully engaging-- I love this course!  Also I enjoy hearing her beautiful speaking voice :)

- Niki
Here’s the biggest secret people in the industry don’t want you to know:
Being a commercial voice actor is something almost anyone can do! You don’t have to have a perfect, gorgeous voice to have huge success. You just have to be able to sound real, relatable, and engaging.

So if you’re a natural actor, performer, or talker, this is the perfect job for you. And I’m going to teach you exactly how to do it!
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What's Included?
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This course is broken down into short, easily digestible videos so that you can learn at your own pace and take off as quickly or slowly as your schedule lets you. There are 6 modules to teach you everything you’ll need to know:

  1. We delve deep right away into how to get started and where your new incredible commercial VO career is going to take you, and all the equipment you need at the lowest prices, while still getting the best professional sound!
  2. Making your first demo, recording, and producing professional tracks!
  3. Setting up a professional profile that makes you stand out and get jobs right away!
  4. Finding and keeping the best jobs and leveling up your career!
  5. How to give a great commercial voice over performance no matter what the direction is!
  6. Go from professional actor to professional sound engineer as well with broadcast quality recordings!!!

This course is here to guide you wherever you are in your commercial voice acting career. I’m not stopping at the beginner how-to stuff. No, this program takes it to the next level. I’m talking major next level!

It takes you from knowing absolutely nothing, all the way to being able to have a 6-figure to multiple 6-figure career. Not to mention showing you the path to owning a pandemic proof business that you can do from practically anywhere when it’s convenient for you! How’s that for living the dream?!?!

Will How to Become a Commercial Voice Over Star Work For Me?
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This is an incredible career for most people, but not everyone.

It will work if:

  • You dedicate yourself to consistently putting good work out there

  • You’re an actor who loves to perform in as  many jobs as possible

  • You love to work from home, be your own boss, and take responsibility for your work and business

It won’t work if:

  • You don’t give yourself and your business time to grow

  • You limit yourself only to opportunities that fall in your lap and don’t reach out to the people hiring

  • You really can’t speak or read very easily in a way that’s traditionally expected of commercial voice actors

So as you can see, with your dedication and commitment, you are most likely the next successful performer who will thrive in this business and become the next Commercial Voice Acting Superstar!!!


I just loved listening and being shown the ropes by Bailey Varness. She made me feel like my personal friend. She's very down to earth and was easy to follow.

- Katherine

Bailey is amazing. She is upbeat, to the point, fun, engaging and best of all she has real life tech advice. No need to buy a ton of expensive gear, all you need is Bailey's class and you're off and running

- Eric
You deserve this opportunity!

Enroll now for only $397

You have greatness in you that needs to be heard. Become that actor you’re meant to be, right from the comfort of your own home. Ignore the haters and doubters in your life and realize that talking to yourself is a good thing and can make you excellent money!

I can’t wait to see you in class!!!

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